Our Achievements




- World’s first Talk Therapist who Reduces inch lose by vocal cord.

- Hold the record in the Limca Book of World Records for writing the smallest story book

- Have written Hanuman Chalisa, Gita Adhyay and Bhaktamar on 1inch size paper

- Have also written 100 letters on a single rice grain

- Pride of Gujarat awarded for fastest inchlose by Akhil Gujarat Maha Mandal in 2011

- Writing a motivational book for the students performance in their studies

- Have taught Reiki in South Africa and my art work had been published in the Voice of Leader news paper in South Africa

- I have counciled 25,000 students and deliverd lectures and motivational programme

- I had 7,00,00 students & 7,00,000 parents audiences for a special study council of 10th & 12th standard on LIVE programme by zee tv    on 2007. it had telecasted in 136 countries

- I had a programme for 7,00,000 students of exam fear for special 10th & 12th standard by all india radio on 2007. it had telecasted in    130 countries by DTH

- I had a programme for A 1 CLASS OFFICER (GPRS) student special how to do examination preparation by all India radio on 2006. it had    telecasted in 130 countries by DTH

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