Success Stories

Here’s living proof that our theraphy works. Check out our clients’ success stories below and get inspired to begin your own journey. Your weight loss goal is within reach. Just imagine how rewarding looking and feeling your best will be! Start today!

Name: Nilesh, Gender: Male, Duration: 6 Months, Weight Loss: 15 kg, Occupation: Travel Business
Message: I am Nilesh. I am a business man and my business consists of extensive travelling. Most of time I am outside of my home town. I was not able to control my body and I was gaining my weight so much. One of my friend gave me contact no. of Mr. Jigar Shah.  I had a word with him. He told me to attend his workshop then after decide whether to continue with this programme or not. I attended his workshop in 2 days only. I have got marvelous result I reduced 1 kg in 2 days and 10 inches. All over the body I was really impressed & I joined his programme and I reduced 15 kg and 28 inches all over the body. Now I am looking very dashing and smart. I give all this credit to Jigarbhai for being my guardian & helping me for reducing my weight. Thank you Jigarbhai for everything what you have done for me.

Name: Bhoomi ben, Gender: Female, Duration: 3 Months, Weight Loss: 10 kg, Occupation: House Wife
Message: Hi everybody… slowly & gradually my weight was increasing & reached @ 100 kg. I was having health problems like diabetes, Thyroid & B.P due to thyroid my weight was gaining on & on… my husband once attended Mr. Jigar shah’s seminar and he enrolled my name in “Inch Loss in 5 mins” and I started coming and got miraculous results from the 1st week.

I was very much impressed. Within 3 months I reduced 10 kg and good inch loss, best part is that my health problems are also covered now. All in under control. A big Thanks to Mr. Jigar Shah for changing my life.

Name: Dhaval, Gender: Male, Duration: 6 Months, Weight Loss: 10 kg, Occupation: Apollo Hospital
Message: I am 24 yrs old. I was very fat. My weight was 90 kg. I was feeling exhausted, lethargic & restless. I tried many products of weight loss to reduce my weight but I didn’t get success. Then I heard about Inch Loss in 5 mints. I called Jigar sir and he explained me about his sound therapy. Frankly speaking I was not convinced but my heart said let’s try this also for last time but I am amazed and got marvelous result.

I lose my 10 kg weight. The best part was that I have not done any struggle and I reduced my weight. Thank you Jigar sir for your beautiful therapy.

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