What is Sound Therapy


Sound therapy is an ultrasonic sound which can cut fat.

How it can reduce the body?

1. In ancient times when there was no rain in monsoon, the king invited the musician and asked to sing
    “raga malhaar”.
2. We know in many incidents that there was rainfall as a result of “raga malhaar”.
3. The same therapy applies in “Sound Therapy” to cut fat.
4. I make use of my god gifted power and scientifically developed technique.
5. I use ultrasound which I produce by vocal cords.

How strange! It’s unbelievable!

- Yes you don’t see god, even those who believe in god.
- Yes, we haven’t seen, but we feel it and we believe it.
- The same theory applies here. we can feel after having experience, and then we believe it.
- 25 years ago people didn’t believe in mobile phone means they couldn’t imagine that this type of generation - would come to be true, people would look each other in phone,t.v. internet which is now possible.

How much time does a session take?

- 5 mins to take measurement of your body and 5 mins after the session to measure body.
- You get result instant inch loss allover your body.
- It’s so easy, you don’t require any help during this 5 mins.
- In 5 mins we can not use diet, exercise, medicine or any instrument. Only with the help of this therapy you    get instant reduction in inch loss.
- Its so easy just sit comfortably, that’s all.

For me it is hard to believe because I find it quite tough

Yes, of course in this generation we require very fast result. I produce result in 5 mins. but it is hard to digest. Because right from childhood, we listen to opinion that weight loss or reduction is very hard. Its not easy. For example, for our tummy, to reduce 1 inch, it requires, by gym, at least 15-20days’ hard work, exercise& diet efforts. By this therapy we get result in just 5 mins without any efforts.

  • Does it create any side effect on our body?

    - No, it is not harmful to our body.
    - I don’t give any medicine. Without any intake, how there can be any side effect.

Does it create any side effect on our body?

- Those who don’t have time like…. businessmen and busy persons.
- Those who are old and can’t walk but doctors have asked to walk to lose weight.
- Person who wants to reduce inch loss in emergency.
- Person who wants go to party but doesn’t look slim. He /she requires instant result.