Science behind Reiki

Reiki is based on Energy Centres inside body, which are also known as Chakras. There are seven chakras in the body. Science approves the presence of these chakras though they are not physical. From top to bottom,

1. First chakra is Crown Chakra, i.e., Sahastrara Chakra
2. Second Chakra is Third Eye Chakra, i.e., Agya Chakra
3. Third is Throat Chakra, i.e., Vishuddhra Chakra
4. Fourth one is Heart Chakra, i.e., Anahat Chakra
5. Fifth one is Solar Plexus Chakra, i.e., Manipura Chakra
6. Sixth one is Sacral Chakra, i.e., Svadhisthana Chakra
7. Seventh is Root Chakra, i.e., Muladhar Chakra

The Crown Chakra receives cosmic energy from surrounding atmosphere and passes it to the Third Eye Chakra, which passes it to Throat Chakra. From there, the energy is passed to the Heart Chakra, which pumps and spread the energy in the whole body including hands.

So, when we put our hand on any part of body, that part receives this energy. This is how it works in the first degree of Reiki, i.e., touch healing. In the second degree of Reiki, i.e., distance healing, the cosmic energy is received by Crown Chakra, which passes the energy to the Third Eye Chakra and from there the energy is spread in the whole world.