About Us

Jigar shah is a Dynamic  Person. His name is recorded in “Limca Book of Records” for india’s smallest story Book. He wrote 100 letters on a single rice grain. He also wrote Hanuman Chalisa, Gita Adhyay, Jain Bhaktamar on 1 inch paper. He is an artist he has done carving on white chalksticks like Gandhiji, Ravindranath Tagor, Mother Mary, Chess pawns etc…. Alog with his he is youngest Reiki Master.

Jigar shah is the first person in the world who reduce inches by his vocal cord. He is renowned Counsellor & he produce excellent results in Students Counselling, Business counselling, Martial Counselling. His articles are published on various  topics like vastu shastra, Astrology , Weight rediction tips etc in news papers & magazines. He has also written a book about “secret of success study” & “Success Mantra” which is availableto all book stores. This book & cd are like back bone for your success in your life. People highly recommanded and gift to their friends & family members for their success too.

Jigar shah has established “success Academy company” in which he empowers to:

– Students

– Business man

– Weight management people

– People who are in depression

By giving special trainings & uplifts them and gives them full confidence & new dimension of their lives.

Jigar shah’s vision

  • His vision is to reach 1 crore people who are suffering from obesity & make them free from it & give healthy life. To reach 1 crore students & give proper guideline & change their life.

Currently Dealing

      • – Handling patients of High B.P., Over weight, Indigestion, Depression, Asthma, Joints ache, Backache, sinusitis, cancer, kidneyfailure    through Reiki Therapy & several stress relieving exercises round the globe. Provides several treatments through Acupressure.
      • – He has developed his own Talk Therapy called “Magic Talk for Mind Management”  through which he manage… [Depression, improve sports    performance, Eradicate Exam Fear & Tension, Children Eating Problems & Diet]
      • – Provide consultancy of vastu shastra, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Palmist from last 7 years [Member of Akhil Gujarat Kudrati Upchar    Mahamndal]
      • – Jigar shah has delivered several lectures on various topics such as Depression, weight loss, Vastu Shastra, study performance, Parental   Guide etc in various institutions & clubs like…. Lions club, Rotary Club, Jain Social Group, Jain Lotus Group, Sports Club, Blind Man    Associaiation, Old  Orphanage, Remand Hall, Menopause Health club etc…

Tarrot Reader


– Tarrot reader as jigar shah is giving you fatastic fortune reading and pathway. His prediction has given micro results to the people’s life.

– He gives proper guidelines to the clients who are stuck with problems in their llife. By his guidelines he motivates them and sees that they come    out from the problems.

– Feature of Tarot Card is that a person don’t require Birth time, date and place. But He divertly predicts from about future, past and present.